Business Owners

Schilling Ventures is the ideal investment and management partner for a business owner looking to exit his/her business yet preserve their legacy. For many small-to-mid-cap business owners, determining their company's succession plan can be a difficult and overwhelming experience, especially when considering the implications of selling to a private equity firm or strategic acquirer. Schilling Ventures honors the heritage of its portfolio companies, while simultaneously deploying its lean management expertise to position the company for long term growth.  ​ We understand what it takes to grow a business because of our extensive operational experience. We can make a founder transition from day-to-day operations a smooth one for the company; we can also support a founder’s ongoing engagement and act at an engaged strategic level. 
We partner with experienced, patient capital sources, allowing us to invest in, build and hold businesses without the pressure of a predetermined exit.

Partnering With Us

At Schilling Ventures we:

  • Commit sources of long-term capital to acquire, operate and build companies for the long term

  • Retain earnings and reinvest in each business

  • Provide consistent, ongoing leadership

  • Meld hands-on operational expertise and strategic oversight to drive growth

  • Partner with existing leadership to implement effective, meaningful change

  • Believe strong industrial companies can be built in the U.S and be globally competitive with a Lean enterprise culture